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Hello beautiful!

Cozy up and take a look at what Big Soul is all about...

We know exactly how it feels to put so much into your business and be in go-go-go mode...we're boss ladies, too.

While this badass energy and action taking is amazing--it's essential to take time and slow down--to tune back in to ourselves and connect with other women who get it

Big Soul Retreat is that and much more--this is an experience to reconnect and nourish all parts of who you are and give your business some TLC through masterminding and realigning with your purpose.
These weekend getaways are what keep us afloat and remind us of what's really important.

We're excited to let you in on what we've created for you!

Meet Jamie + Libby
Hi, I'm Jamie!

I'm a dreamer, lover, and practical (hello, Virgo) risk-taker who lives for relationships and connection. My superpower is my intuition and I love using that to help people see themselves clearly. Nothing warms my heart more than watching people learn to love themselves and then love each other more fiercely. I'm a health and lifestyle coach based in NYC, specializing in helping women master their lives by taking exceptional care of themselves. I believe that through supreme self-care (mental, emotional, physical and soulful), we’re able to cultivate a life in which we feel resilient, powerful and deeply joyful. Obsessed with travel and bringing women together, co-founding the Big Soul retreat is truly a dream come true for me! See more about my work here:
Heyyy, I'm Libby!

I'm a human sparkler and boss lady supreme! I love working from my computer and traveling to places that help activate my aliveness (i.e. I adore Indonesia and India). I'm deeply moved by random acts of generosity and philanthropy. Currently I'm planted in Santa Monica, California although I have the travel bug every week! I boss babe it up by helping other business owners slay online bridging the gap between internet marketing and soulful service. In other words, I help entrepreneurs create marketing systems and develop their offerings in a way that's both practical and fun! You can learn more about my work at my virtual casa:

The Story
Big Soul Magic
 It all went down in Venice, California.

We  (Jamie and Libby) met in person for the first time when Jamie came out from NYC for a trip!

After only connecting through social media prior to our Venice friend date--we immediately had all the feels of JOY and soul sister vibes after the first hug.

We were in awe of the magic and support we felt in our face-to-face meeting--really appreciating the true connection that happens only when you're with someone in 'real life'.

We knew other women all over the world were desiring real hugs, laughs, and depth (not just through our Macbooks) and our creative fuses were sparked which led us to create this experience for you. That's how Big Soul was born.


Discover Big Soul

Nuture your body, your soul, and your business.

The path of entreprenuership is beautiful and rocky--sometimes all at the same time.

You're often feeling all the things, all the time. Like...

Wondering when you'll get that financial 'stability'. 
Knowing you have something valuable to offer but having no clue where to find the right clients. 
Feeling isolated, alone, and frustrated that you have to make so many damn decisions all on your own. 
Questioning what makes you unique, your direction, or what the heck you're even doing because it feels like you're always changing and growing.
Craving more structure and organization so you can feel calmer, but no matter what you do, things just always feel chaotic.

We get it.

And here's the truth: we all feel this way sometimes (slash often...) and we need to talk about it.

We need a serious amount of support to do what we do in the world. 

Big Soul helps you ease the tension in your shoulders and breathe deeper.



Waking up to ocean views from a stunning estate.
A morning practice of yoga and meditation.
Lots of hugs and laughs and real conversation.
Beautifully crafted local meals around the table together.
Walks along the beach and into the mountains.

Support that feels inspired and nurturing.
More ease and excitement, knowing you're already feeling more you in your business.
Getting clear on what you need to do moving forward.
Realigning with your vision.
Knowing you don't have to do this all alone.

Your soul and your business is going to get loved up BIG time.

Women On A Mission

Big Soul lived up to it’s name in every way! Running a business as a solopreneur is so exciting and freeing, but the “laptop lifestyle” can become isolating and leave you craving community on a daily basis. Big Soul was an opportunity for me to rest and rejuvenate in the most beautiful environment with the most beautiful group of incredibly bright, talented, and heart-warming women. It was medicine for the soul and a reminder of exactly why I chose to live this life and start a business in the first place. Thank you Jamie and Libby! - Amanda Morgan, Healthy Wifestyle
I am so grateful for my experience at Big Soul. I went in looking for some guidance, transformation, and sisterhood, and walked away with so much more. Libby and Jamie really cultivated a loving, supportive, and SOULFUL environment for us to be super vulnerable and genuine. Each woman really brought herself 100% to the experience, and that is because Libby and Jamie modeled that authenticity for us. I was thrilled to meet other women who were also solopreneurs and not doing the work simply for the money - we are here to make change in the world, and improve our inner worlds at the same time. It was beautiful to witness other powerful women in our challenges, celebrate each other in our victories, and support one another in sisterhood. Overall, my biggest takeaway was that we all have our answers inside of us- we just have to trust ourselves to take that jump.  - Kyla Sokoll-Ward, KylaSW.Com


Women should know that Big Soul is incredibly healing. It welcomes vulnerability that is transformational. When I first considered Big Soul, I was concerned about the cost, but quickly got over that one. The only other thing I worried about was whether everyone would get along or not. I just wanted to get clarity around how to move forward with my course and not let fear continue to get in the way of me expressing myself and getting my ideas out in the world. I was shocked at the outpouring of love and support I felt the whole time I was at Big Soul. The Retreat created a great container to just be yourself and get vulnerable. My concerns about the group quickly went away… everyone there was great, non-judgmental and heart-centered. Jamie and Libby balanced each other out well, and were amazing leaders and facilitators. Big Soul is really something special! - Blair Badenhop.

WOW! The Big Soul Retreat LIT ME UP! I am on fire- I feel so supported and inspired to share my message, my personality, and my essence with others. I came to Big Soul to be inspired, and I’m leaving knowing that being myself is my key to success. Listening to my gut, my soul, and my body will guide me to exactly where I am supposed to be. I was also reminded that having fun and enjoying what I do is everything... the Retreat set me into soulful, fun action! I would recommend Big Soul to any woman who is looking for sisterhood, support, new friends, and increased self-confidence. - Nina Sasson,

Your Big Soul Home
Get ready to step into heaven--we searched high and low to find the most beautiful high-vibe home for you to stay for Big Soul.

This estate in the hills of Santa Barbara, California is unreal.

Yes! You get to stay on site with your Big Soul crew at this stunning property--with plenty of time planted into the weekend flow for you to explore and find peace on your own.

Every room has a deliciously comfortable bed where two women will stay--if you're coming with a friend just let us know and we will make sure you're in the same room!

It's hard to describe just how special this place is, check it out in the video below...


Dates + Location

August 24-27, 2017

Santa Barbara, California​​​​​​​

Arrive at your Big Soul Home Thursday, August 24th betwen 3-6pm to settle into your room, connect with your new sistas, and get your appetite worked up for our first family dinner.

Closing ceremony and brunch ends at Noon on Sunday, August 27th.

If you're flying in for Big Soul, we reccomend either Santa Barbara Airport (SBA) which is 15 minutes from the retreat estate or Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) which is a couple hour drive up the coast.

You'll be able to talk to other ladies coming to Big Soul in advance to plan carpooling if you want to take that route. If not, feel free to bring your own car/rental car up--there's plenty of parking at the estate.

The exact address of the estate will be sent to you after you grab your spot. Woohoo!


The Flow


ARRIVALS | Get settled into your room, grab a snack, relax, give hugs to the other gals joining you for the weekend

FAMILY DINNER | Chef Sara Haston creates seasonal magic in the kitchen, nourish yourself then get your beauty rest


MORNING PRACTICE | Rise and shine, get into your body with a beautiful yoga and meditaton class led by your yoga and mediation teacher Alex Nashton

​​​BREAKFAST | Nourish yourself

BIG SOUL WORKSHOP | Jamie + Libby guide you through exercises to get clear on what's working well in your life and what's not feeling fulfilling, in the flow, or adding to your vitality

Our businesses can only be so successful if we aren't taking care of our personal lives, so it's essential to SLOW down and take a look at the entire picture.)

LUNCH | Nourish yourself

SOUL TIME | Take some much needed 'you time' and explore the mountains, meditate overlooking the ocean, and take care of you

BIG SOUL WORKSHOP | Jamie and Libby coach you on your personal challenges, questions, and desires for living a Big Soul Life

(There is so much power in voicing what's on your mind and heart in an intimate setting with like-minded women and two coaches who have been in your shoes.)

DINNER| Nourish yourself


MORNING PRACTICE | Rise and shine, get into your body with a beautiful yoga and meditaton class led by your yoga and meditation yoga Alex Nashton

BREAKFAST | Nourish yourself
BIG SOUL MASTERMIND | Bring any business challenges and questions, and receive coaching from Jamie + Libby on all things systems, strategies, and success

(We have a laser ability to see your blind spots and your'll cultivate new ideas and work through any major blocks you're experiencing!)

LUNCH | Nourish yourself

SOUL TIME | Nurture your energy and take a stroll, read a book, connect 1:1 with other big soul babes, nap, or lay in the sunshine

BIG SOUL BUSINESS WORKSHOP | Jamie + Libby craft this workshop according to your specific business needs that you share with us in your welcome survey

(We'll dive deep into major topics that the group needs, whether this be about financial stability, social media marketing, creating new clients, and anything else that comes with being a boss.)

DINNER | Nourish yourself


MORNING PRACTICE | Rise and shine, get into your body with a beautiful yoga and meditaton class led by Alex Nashton

BRUNCH | Nourish yourself

CLOSING CEREMONY | A sacred ceremony dedicated to you and your vision and what you've created for and within yourself over the weekend

DEPARTURES @ NOON | Big Soul hugs, lots of love, and farewells


Meet Your Yoga Teacher + Private Chef

Meet Alex
Say hello to your Big Soul Yoga Guide! Alex Nashton draws her inspiration from the vast potential of the human mind. Every class she creates is infused with her love of the human brain and its unique ability to rewire itself. By combining elements of spirituality with science, she demystifies the more abstract concepts of yoga to bring you practices that are both logical and joyful. She is thrilled to be guiding you and helping you harness the constantly evolving nature of your mind, use it for your greatest benefit, and tap into the abundant source of potential that lies within.
Meet Sara
Say hello to your Big Soul Chef!
Sara Haston is your retreat private chef who creates plant-forward meals that showcase global flavor profiles, traditional and fusion interpretations, and are inspired by the best seasonal and local ingredients. Her nutrition, herbal medicine, and farming background inspire her menus and she loves to share her knowledge of these topics when serving guests. Her meals are cooked with loving care and intention and she's developed a beautiful menu for Big Soul 2017, taking into account everyone’s food preferences.

Join us for a weekend that will

leave you feeling nourished in every way.


Big Soul is all-inclusive once you arrive at the house
(all meals, snacks, lodging, workshops, and experiences)!

"I remembered how freaking amazing life is

when you drop fear and just DO!
" -Britt Larson


Something that truly hit home for me at Big Soul was that I JUST GOTTA DO ME! I’ve always known this is theory, however previously, I was only “kinda” living it! Now – it’s 100% baby! Also – SISTERHOOD FREAKIN’ ROCKS! I’d recommend Big Soul to heart-centred women who are ready to get REAL & RAW because ALL kinds of magic can happen when you allow it and take the opportunity to invest in yourself. The environment is SO key to transformation, and everything about this retreat is magical...on every level. You won’t return home the same woman! -Caitlin McCarthy, Caitlin McCarthy


Big Soul was really life changing for me. I got just what I needed: a rejuvenated body and inspired mind ready to make shifts happen. Honestly. It was just what I needed to get that fire under my butt and make the life changes that I’ve been putting off due to limiting beliefs. - Amanda Gyuran,



A Note From J + L

This is going to be a trip that will remain in your heart forever.
We know it.

You'll be immersed in magic, connection, and beauty all weekend.

We feel so strongly that creating time to hug, laugh, and connect
in person fuels our personal and professional lives.

We love you and we appreciate the work you're doing in this world.

Jamie + Libby


Big Soul is all-inclusive once you arrive at the house
(all meals, snacks, lodging, workshops, and experiences)!


Have a question? No problem! Just send us an email: or